Design office


During its activity PFPE gathered the necessary experience and complete the team of employees and associates allows for comprehensive engineering services for the following systems and technical solutions:

  • Fire alarm systems FAS,
  • Gas detection systems,
  • Sound systems for emergency purposes,
  • BMS and integration systems,
  • Access control systems,
  • The burglary and assault signaling,
  • CCTV industry television systems,
  • Automatic part of extinguishing systems,
  • Automatic part of smoke removal systems and protection against smoke systems,
  • Automatic part of vent systems,
  • Work time tracking systems,
  • Cash systems,
  • Computer Networks,
  • Intelligent houses systems.


For the scope PFPE provides the following maintenance services:

  • Guidelines for installation and initial estimation of the budgets for quotations and purchasing,
  • Basic design documentations,
  • Technical specifications,
  • Inputs for permit design documentations,
  • Detail engineering documentations,
  • Site technical support,
  • As-built documentation,
  • Audits of existing installations and technical support to building owners.

The service is offered anywhere in the country and the world.



The entire scope of the service is carried out according to the currently most recognized technical standards Polish, European and world.

Individually for each of the projects are accepted technical standards agreed with the clients and the insurers. PFPE in this matter is able to adapt to or adopt a stand-prevailing on the project and in the country.

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