In opposite to RFQ and civil permit design the basic design shall contain all necessary information for properly preparation detail design documentations, not only strictly related to fire protection or telecommunication systems, but arrangement, structures, building installations and road as well… It is possible after technology assumptions freeze and definition of given buildings spaces and rooms operation rules.

Basic design shall be summarized by risk assessment, which make possible the assessment the necessity of potential technology changes to costs reduction in case of risks reduction.

PFPE is experienced in basic design and risk assessment preparation of scopes like fire hazards, explosion hazards, chemical threats and operation of building installations.

Basic design shall include technical specifications as assumptions necessary to tenders preparation for fire protection systems (passive and active).


The plants, among other power plant, are not precisely described in law regulations, what cause many deviations to agree with National Fire Service and Ministries. The process is very time-consuming and require hard arguments to achieve expected results.

The coordination of above procedures is really important to avoid potential negative impacts on costs and schedule, because of difficult compromises and stoppage of site works due to building permit delay. The changes expected by authorities could be hard to application or too expensive, what shall be foreseen before.

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