Detail documentation of fire protection systems and telecommunication systems in huge industry objects are very difficult. It concerns especially fire alarm systems, extinguishing systems and smoke removal systems, but also CCTV, alarm systems, access control systems or gas detection. The verification of properness of assumed fire scenarios, completeness of signals lists, optimization of extinguishing systems, smoke removal and protecting against explosion require detail knowledge and experience.

PFPE ensures full service in above. We both prepare and assess the systems based on National, European and worldwide technical standards. We try to find out optimum solutions also through engineer approach cooperate with research and notified bodies like VdS, GIG, ITB and manufactures of given systems.

As detail documentation author supply full technical support for site as author supervision.


The scope of fire protection and telecommunication systems includes:

  1. fire alarm systems,
  2. gases detection,
  3. extinguishing systems,
  4. smoke removal systems,
  5. Sound systems for emergency purposes,
  6. CCTV,
  7. access control,
  8. alarm systems,
  9. Systems protecting against explosion and results of it,
  10. passive protection os structures and bariers…

In case of lack of commissioning standards and proper education of it the participation of qualified bodies like VdS, FM or GIG is necessary, however non of it ensures complete service.

PFPE is dedicated to coordination of commissioning processes and technical support during technical negotiation between contractor-employer-commissioning institutions (National Fire Service, Technical Supervision Office…).

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