Each of the participants of the investment, especially in industry, needs legal services.

All issues related to contractual requirements, permits, fire protection conditions, health and safety, acceptance, warranty or insurance conditions have an important legal dimension. It often happens that the parties to the project differently perceive the given requirements or provisions resulting from the contract, legal acts, standards or project documentation. Often the best arbitrator to facilitate agreement is the legal opinion of the problem. However, in order for this opinion to be correct and understandable for all parties, it must be developed by a lawyer with extensive experience in the given technical issues, preferably with the active support of an engineer in a given matter.

PFPE provides a complete service for all parties to the project provided by lawyers experienced in given technical issues in cooperation with engineers who understand the legal aspect of a given problem.

The service covers all aspects of the investment: – feasibility stages,

  • Terms of Reference, the process of selecting contractors and signing contracts,
  • building and use permits,
  • legal assessment of design documentation, in particular the civil permit design and environmental impact assessments, – arrangements with insurance companies and Government and Municipal Offices.