Below are materials and studies aimed at presenting the subject of fire protection.

It is better to prevent than to remove the effects – (PL)

Selection rules for the fire detection systems and modern fire protection automation management systems for energy facilities. – (PL)

Fire protection in the investment process. Law, technical knowledge, insurers – expectations and mistakes. – (PL)

Financially effective modernization of energy facilities in terms of fire protection. – (PL)

Staff accommodation on the plant premises. – (PL)

Fire protection systems. Significant problems with renovation. – (PL)

The issue of securing cable spaces in objects of various purposes – case studies – (PL)

Development of fire protection in the commercial power industry over the last 15 years. – (PL)

Fire protection in heavy industry on the example of a power plant. – (PL, EN)

Fire water supply systems for the protection of power units. Requirements, design examples. – (PL)